Shree Neelachal Flyash Bricks is a private Limited Company incorporated under companies Act, 1956. We are the pioneers in the field of flyash utilization and have recently set up a large plant at Kulailo with an indigenously developed technology with a capacity to produce 30,000 bricks per day employing 30 persons at a time using up to 90% ash with daily utilization of 15 MT of ash. Company's technology is widely applauded by Technology Mission, Ministry of Science & Technology, Building Materials & Technology Promotion Council, Ministry of Urban Development and various parties from India and abroad have approached to procure turn-key plants.

The Supreme Court of India has permitted use of fly-ash brick with in within NCT and has banned operation of traditional brick kilns using mother soil within NCT. The Govt. of India's Notification issued, in keeping with court orders, has banned traditional brick kilns within specified areas of operating thermal power plants all over. The users within the specified area have been asked to specify use of fly-ash bricks within the specified area and also all thermal power plants have been asked to utilize 100% of ash generated by them within 8 years.

The total ash generation is around 200 million tones annually all over India. Cuttack alone requires 11 plants with no other technology available for quality products and mass utilization of ash other than Shree Neelachal Flyash Bricks.

The company's products are of high quality standards Conforming to BIS far above traditional bricks. The bricks by fly-ash sand lime process are eligible for exemption of Excise Duty and Sales Tax in many states. The brick manufacturing process involves mixing lime with ash, reacting it, pressing it by a robotic and software fed press followed by water curing before being taken for loading on the stacking platform and/or loading on trucks through hydraulic grabs with a total process cycle being of 4 hours or so.

The manufacturing process is an automated process which control the raw material ratios, uniform mixing, uniform and specified pressing loads which assures uniform quality bricks.

Recently we received the prestigious iso 9001:2008 certification.